About us & the project

Project22 is a project by the Jesuits in formation of the Euro-Mediterranean province (EUM) which is made up of Albania, Italy, Malta and Romania.

Our desire is to propose a point of view on the world, current events, the faith and life through the lens of that which is known as the ignatian presupposition, an invitation to be more ready to save, rather than to condemn our neighbour’s positions. If you want to know more you can  read our introduction here  or simply explore the site and its content.

The content which you will find on Project22 is prepared by Jesuits who are studying philosophy or theology, or who are involved in apostolic work in various areas and fronts.

About 15 Jesuits are involved, with some young Jesuits from other countries who contribute from time to time.

We hope that Project22 may offer a space for reflection, exchange and dialogue, to search for and find God in all things, together.

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