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However, it is not uncommon for individuals to pay a surcharge to have an unlisted. You can sometimes do reverse cell phone lookup, too - but this would be through a paid service.

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This provides information about how to search for missing persons and how to access public records. Privacy Concerns: The Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are advocacy organizations working to defend privacy in the electronic realm.

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The Sourcebook to Public Record Information notes, "The Social Security is the subject of a persistent struggle between privacy rights groups and various business interests. The truth is that many individuals gave up the privacy of their by writing it on a voter registration form, product registration form, or any of a myriad of other voluntary disclosures made over the years.

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It is probable that a good researcher can legally find the Social Security of anyone along with at least an approximate birth date with some ease. It is often necessary to request public records by mail or telephone, or to visit the relevant county courthouse. Large private companies called data aggregators create vast databases containing public records and personal information, but there are gaps, errors and omissions.

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While there is no reliable way to do a reverse lookup for a mobile telephoneit is possible to determine the carrier by using carrierlookup. There simply is no national directory that is publicly accessible, so be cautious of claims to be able to do a reverse lookup on a wireless for a fee.

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For landlines, reverse lookups are definitely possible. One excellent resource is ReferenceUSAwhich is free to Dallas Library cardholders or when accessed at any of our library locations.

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You may find it helpful to read To Catch a Thiefan article from The Virtual Chasea website frequented by legal professionals. Zimmerman's Research Guide is also worth noting. Searching Criminal Background: There is no one, free place to do a comprehensive criminal background search that we know of; however, the sites listed below offer limited search possibilities.

It too has important gaps and limitations. For a comprehensive search, it is necessary to enage a fee-based service. Nonprofit organizations can obtain criminal background checks on volunteers for a reasonable fee by partnering with the Volunteer Center of North Texas. Organizations not located in North Texas may wish to consider other options.

To understand the limitations of criminal background searches, it is useful to view this online presentation.

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In the case of a family emergency, contact the American Red Cross. Otherwise, consult one of the individual service member locators listed at the US Consumer Information Service weblinked below. The following resources have been selected as a starting point to assist parents who have experienced the tragedy of abduction or who have who is a runaway. As the Team Hope organization, linked below, notes, " According to Federal law, the police are obligated to take the missing persons report and enter the information into the NCIC National Crime Information Center without a waiting period.

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If you encounter problems reporting your child as missing, please share these laws with your police department. A of resources exist to aid those in search of birth parents, including books, websites, adoption registries, and "search angels" who do research for free. A selected few of these are highlighted below. Several military publications regularly publish from veterans seeking to get in touch with others with whom they served.

A wide array of websites, most of which require registration, also track reunions of Army units, Navy ships, etc. Not only do we accept tracing requests from residents who lost contact with family members overseas, but we also search locally for people whose overseas relatives believe last resided in our county.

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Our national headquarters in Washington, D. As with all international services, this tracing service is provided free of charge. Note that the Red Cross cannot accept requests when there is insufficient information to conduct a search; or when it is for genealogical research; or tracing regarding legal matters such as wills, child custody etc. To begin a search, call your local American Red Cross chapter.

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There are also services that work to assist individuals searching for information about relatives who were separated during the holocaust. The Salvation Army operates an international locator service for the purpose of trying to restore or sustain family relationships, by locating relatives who for various reasons have become out of touch.

To seek this assistance, you must contact the regional office in your area. The majority of requests is for help in tracing a divorced spouse on behalf of young children who want to make contact with their estranged parent. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill NAMI publishes a useful guide, linked below, for parents and loved ones trying to reach homeless and mentally ill children and relatives. To identify local support groups and service agencies, Dallas area residents should consult our Community Information Databaseand search for "homeless" as a subject heading.

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There are situations -- a civil disturbance, the outbreak of war, a family emergency -- when it becomes imperative for families to reach their children or other close family members who are U. The Department of State operates an Office of Citizens Services, linked below, which can be very helpful in such circumstances. In other cases, it may be more appropriate to contact the American Red Cross.

Individuals who have been incarcerated in the Federal or in State prison systems can often be located by contacting the relevant locator services, linked below. Dallas area residents can search the Library's Community Information Database using the subject term prisoner re-entry to locate agencies and nonprofit organizations who are engaged in providing support and assistance of various kinds.

Located on the 8th floor of the J. Erik Jonnson Central Library, the genealogy section is among the top resources in the country for doing genealogical research. Please note that many of the human services agencies listed on this websuch as the Red Cross and Salvation Army, explicitly state that they do not wish to be approached by genealogists.

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The unit's research tools and collections are vast. Welcome Log In kids teens literacy job resources. Government Urban Information. Understand criminal background searches Locate an active duty serviceman or woman Locate a missing or abducted child or a runaway Locate a birth parent Locate an old military buddy Locate a refugee Locate a friend or relative Locate a U. Welcome Log In.