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International congresses such as the G20 summit, highly prestigious, traditional balls, or elegant private celebrations whose special moments linger long in the memory. With event options for up to guests and more than years of expertise, there is much to be said about the Atlantic as an event venue. Variability, individuality and a cosmopolitan outlook have and always will be key to our activities.

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It was blisteringly hot outside the downtown Chicago office when my colleagues started swapping PowerPoints about holiday marketing plans. My summer internship at a major online retailer was in its last week, and in addition to several abrupt goodbyes, the majority of hallway chatter involved speculation around online sales estimates for the upcoming holiday season, and what new devices consumers would be using to place their orders.

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The Atlantic is, generally speaking, S-shaped and narrow in relation to its length. The area of the Atlantic without its dependent seas is approximately 31, square miles 81, square kmand with them its area is about 32, square miles 85, square km. It has an average depth with its seas of 11, feet 3, metres and a maximum depth of 27, feet 8, metres in the Puerto Rico Trenchnorth of the island of Puerto Rico.

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The continents on both sides of the Atlantic tend to slope toward it, so that it receives the waters of a great proportion of the major rivers of the world; these include the St. In contrast to the South Atlantic, the North Atlantic is rich in islands, in the variety of its coastline, and in tributary seas.

This article treats the physical and human geography of the Atlantic Ocean as a whole.

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For detailed discussion of the physical and chemical oceanography and marine geology of the Atlantic Ocean, see ocean. Various boundaries have been used to define particularly the northern but also the southern limits of the Atlantic Ocean.

It claims that this is the meeting point of the atlantic and pacific oceans, where "they touch but do not mix with each other". this same video with the same claim has recently resurfaced on facebook 'proud to be an indian'.

There are no universally accepted boundary conventions. In the north the situation is further complicated by the fact that the Arctic Ocean frequently is considered to be a dependent sea of the Atlantic. This is because the Arctic basin —which stretches from the Bering Strait across the North Pole to Spitsbergen and Greenland —resembles a semienclosed basin i.

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In this article, however, the Arctic Ocean is considered a separate entity. Perhaps a more appropriate method for determining this boundary is by following the division between the distinctive Arctic and Atlantic water masses: the relatively warm and saline waters of the Norwegian Sea are ased to the Atlantic, and the cold, lower-salinity waters of the Greenland Sea to the Arctic.

Many say atlantic and indian oceans abut at cape point, but cape agulhas wants to turn the tide

The outstanding feature of the Atlantic floor is the Mid-Atlantic Ridgean immense median mountain range extending throughout the length of the Atlantic, claiming the centre third of the ocean bed, and reaching roughly 1, miles 1, km in breadth. This feature, though of tremendous proportions, is but the Atlantic portion of the world-encircling oceanic ridge.

In some places the Mid-Atlantic Ridge reaches above sea level to form islands. Iceland, which rises from its crest, is rent by an extension of the median rift valley. East and west of the ridge, about 12, to 18, feet 3, to 5, metres below sea level, lie basins that seem to present a relatively even profile, but parts of the basin floor are as mountainous as the Mid-Atlantic Ridgewhile other parts are extremely smooth.

The former are rocky abyssal hills ; the latter are the abyssal plains that form the upper surface of great ponds of mud that fill many of the broad depressions. Large ancient volcanoes are found singly or in rows in the basins; these rise to form seamounts and, occasionally, islands. As the continents are approached and the rugged Mid-Atlantic Ridge is left behind, an abyssal plain first is encountered, followed by the smooth, undulating surface of the continental rise.

These broad embankments, which lie at depths of some 8, to 15, feet 2, to 4, metres at the foot of continents, reach more than miles km in width off northwestern Africa, AngolaArgentinaand the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. In other areas they are exceedingly narrow. Millions of years of weatheringerosionand riverine sediment deposition have contributed to creating the sloping continental rises that meet Atlantic people characteristic of the Atlantic basin.

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It is beneath these slopes—in accumulations 10, to 50, feet 3, to 15, metres thick—that some of the largest potential reserves on Earth of petroleumnatural gasand coal are found. The Lesser Antilles and the South Sandwich Islands form large unstable island arcswhere the greatest depths of the Atlantic are found in steep-sided, narrow gashes that drop to more than 25, feet 7, metres below sea level and more than 10, feet 3, metres below the floors of adjacent basins.

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Depths greater than 13, feet 4, metres occur in the Caribbean basin, which has numerous shallow and several deep connections with the open ocean, and in a few parts of the Mediterranean Seawhich communicates with the Atlantic only through the Strait of Gibraltar. The strait is about 8 miles 13 km wide at its narrowest point, and the maximum depth on its sill submarine ridge between basins is only a little more than 1, feet metres. The partial isolation of the large seas adjacent to the Mediterranean has a profound effect on the conditions in the seas themselves as well as in the open ocean.

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In south africa, rival points claim to be the place where oceans meet

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Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. By Clifford A. Fast Facts 2-Min Summary. Full Article. Britannica Quiz. Oceans Across the World: Fact or Fiction? Is a reef a feature of the ocean? Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe Now. Alesund, Norway, near the northeastern limit of the Atlantic Ocean. Load Next .