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In part, this is because the work by TS was carried out prior to arguments over the origin of various species of microspheres. JK likewise did not perform species identification of either magnetic microspherules or nanodiamonds as part of the most recent study. In any case, the initial arguments that nanodiamonds are clear indicators in support of the YDIH [ 25 ] were made before the ificance of species identification was fully articulated. YDIH proponents have argued that some species of magnetic microspheres and nanodiamonds are of terrestrial origin, while others are likely of impact origin [ 938 ], but no agreement exists on these issues [ 121743 — 48 ].

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The greater point here is that according to the Kennett lab, in a study expressly deed to be a test of the YDIH, both magnetic microspherules and nanodiamonds were found to co-occur at ificantly elevated levels in a discrete stratigraphic context at LL but not at the YDB onset. However, only the YDB layer exhibits distinct abundance peaks in multiple impact-related proxies and, as such, forms a distinct, widely distributed event horizon or datum layer, similar, for example, to a geochemically distinctive volcanic tephra layer and the iridium rich K—Pg impact layer.

Many of the key papers on the YDIH, including the first widely disseminated journal article [ 2 ], describe and discuss a YDB layer identified on the basis of just one or a few claimed impact proxies e. Swinger dating sites lubbock texas, usa local free dating site, speed dating are painful and difficult to treat, but this is dinner for six dating services tampa bay fl. Some studies illustrate multiple peaks in claimed YDB indicators.

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Firestone et al [ 2 ] document: double carbon spherule and double charcoal peaks at Chobot; the magnetic grain and spherule peak higher than the main carbon spherule peak at Chobot; two Iridium peaks and one carbon spherule peak matching neither Ir peak at Lake Hind; and a variety of peaks that do not match up at Topper.

Multiple peaks in claimed YDB indicators also are illustrated by Israde-Alcantara et al [ 37 ], and Bunch et al [ 7 ]. At Newtonville, late Wisconsin-age sediment yielded more magnetic microspherules than the upper, younger loamy sand of claimed YDB age [ 42 ]. For Bull Creek, Oklahoma, the investigators [ 43 ] who participated in all of the field sampling identified the sampling zone for the impact proxies as cm depth.

It is a bulk sample on organic matter from a soil A horizon, thus representing a mean residence time for the soil carbon. Contrary to Kennett et al [ 50 ], these issues of purported impact indicators appearing in sections older and younger than the YDB have never been addressed by YDIH proponents. Firestone et al [ 53 ], LeCompte et al [ 3854 ], and Wittke et al [ 8 ] accept the methods and some of that work, but elsewhere Bunch et al [ 7 ] including Kennett and Firestone as co-authors reject or do not address the contradictory data presented by Pigati et al and Haynes et al.

Siliceous scoria from Abu Hureyra, Syria, is offered as evidence for high temperature melting uniquely associated with the YDB [ 78 ]. Thy et al [ 55 ], however, reproduced the scoria with lower temperature fires and attributed the particles to anthropogenic burning. One striking correlation in this study is that the high levels of magnetic spheres and nanodiamonds at Lubbock Lake are in the darkest deposits, i. Measured levels of OC are low [ 27 ], but that trend dark gray to black color but low OC is common for organic-rich soils and sediments buried for even a few hundred years [ 56 ].

The association of claimed impact proxies with organic-rich sediment and soils, independent of their age, has been noted since the initial publications by Firestone et al [ 12 ] [ 471636435057 ]. The of analyses of blind samples collected Lubbock first dates speed dating reviews the Lubbock Lake site to test the YD impact hypothesis produced no evidence of an extraterrestrial impact at the YDB.

These are consistent with a growing body of data that shows that claimed impact indicators are found in deposits both older and younger than the YDB. These layers are argued to represent the YDB based on the premise that if they could be YDB age the large modeled standard deviations overlap with the interval now proposed for the YDB they therefore must represent the YDB.

But these layers with claimed impact indicators could just as well or perhaps more likely date to some other time. In addition to Lubbock Lake, other sites discussed above e. Does this mean that there were multiple impacts in the late Pleistocene and Holocene that have gone unnoticed in the geologic record?

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Or can other origins for the materials whose origins have been argued to be solely from extraterrestrial impacts? The identification of magnetic spheres is subjective and, therefore, their use as a proxy for an extraterrestrial event is meaningless until criteria are agreed upon for their identification. To move forward and better understand what happened at the YDB and also to understand the meaning of purported impact markers, stratigraphic sections with continuous records of sedimentation through the late Pleistocene and Holocene must be sampled throughout at close intervals and dated using high precision methods.

To date, only Bement et al [ 43 ] report such an approach and their data show peaks in possible impact indicators above and below the YDB. Further, agreed upon criteria must be established for microspherule identification; otherwise counts of spheres are pointless.

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Complete stratigraphic descriptions of sampled sections also are needed, indicating sediment lithologies, weathering zones, soil morphology, and erosional unconformities. Few are available from among the dozens of sites with claimed impact proxies but are critical for evaluating the depositional context of impact proxies and the interpretation of numerical dates.

James Mayer helped with the field sampling. James Kennett carried out some of the lab analyses. Field sampling and research was conducted under Texas Historical Commission permit to E. This manuscript is part of the ongoing Lubbock Lake Landmark regional research into late Quaternary ecological change on the Southern High Plains.

Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. Methods InJ. Download: PPT. Table 1. All scale bars are 50 microns.