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For students that completed the online Hunter Education course and their online certificate AZ Field Day Qualification Exam Certificate is going to expire, the Department will extend the expiration of the certificate to be valid for one year from the date of completion, which should allow time to complete a field day. For those whose certificate is expiring before classesthe expiration will be deferred until courses are offered. Please ensure that you review all Hunter Education content prior to the field day or bonus point field test.

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The original route was blazed in as a wagon road to aid in the construction of Theodore Roosevelt Dam, started in and completed in As with most highways, it was built and maintained in sections. State transportation workers graded the single-lane, foot-wide road for drainage and safety for the first time in Ingravel was applied to the road newly widened to 16 feet. In andan application of Bituminous Surface Treatment BST, also known as chipseal was applied to the southernmost sections, which were widened to 22 feet between Apache Junction and the Fish Creek Bridge to finally accommodate motor vehicles moving in opposite directions.

Roadway: U. The lds dating Phoenix Arizona AZ of Arizona had four early US highways that facilitated movement from east to west Route 60, 66, 70, and 80but only one ed highway that completely traversed the state from south to north - US Today only portions of this early national road, which spanned 1, miles between the Mexican and Canadian borders, exist. Of all the remaining segments in Arizona, the stretch between Cameron and Fredonia most retains its s feel. The automobiles, road widths, and road surfaces, of course, have changed, but the route, scenery, and sense of untouched wilderness.

Today only portions of this early national road, which spanned miles between the Mexican and Canadian borders, exist. State Route 67 SR 67 is the state highway that links U. This beautiful, forested route was added to the Arizona state highway system inbut it existed earlier as a U. Forest Service road and a Territorial-period trail. It has been a paved road since The oldest segments are along the margin of the Mogollon Rim near Heber and east.

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He knew that a road along the rim of the Mogollon Plateau escarpment would shorten the distance between the two garrisons and seal off the northern escape routes of the Tonto Apache. In the fall of same year, Crook hired two ;construction crews to build a road suitable for mule-drawn wagons, one working from the east and the other from the west. After the White Mountain Apaches agreed to live peacefully on a newly created Reservation inpioneer lds dating Phoenix Arizona AZ moved into east-central Arizona looking for arable land and other economic opportunities. In the s, a wagon road connected Fort Apache with suppliers of hay, food, goods, and equipment in non Mormon communities to the north and east, such as Cluff Cienega McNary and Springerville.

This mile loop and the 4. The remaining segments of SR 64 - Interstate 40 east of Williams to the southern park boundary and US 89 south of Cameron to the eastern park boundary - link the developed world with the wilderness spectacle that is the Grand Canyon. SR 73 from Fort Apache to Hon-Dah, however, is the remaining segment of a longer territorial road system that linked Globe to Springerville through the traditional homeland of the White Mountain Apache. With the establishment of a military camp in that would be renamed Fort Apache inthe development of rough trails into passable packed-earth ro became necessary.

Inthe old trail that would become SR 73 allowed horse-riding soldiers and muledrawn freight wagons to reach the remote garrison from the both the north and south. Route US is an east-west federal highway that travels some 1, miles through three western states - Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Within Arizona, there are two widely separated segments, totaling some miles of road. When this mile long segment was included in the state highway system init was deated as State Route Inthis road was renamed US Ina portion of this ever-green and forested road was declared the San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road. The eastern and older, historic segment begins at the Arizona-New Mexico state line and travels north and northwest through Springerville and St Johns to Holbrook.

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A highway map shows that the predecessor to US was a well-established Territorial period β€” road. Historical research suggests that this wagon road was created by early Hispanic and Anglo colonists during s and s.

Settlers from New Mexico were the first to establish farming and ranching communities near the Little Colorado River and its major tributaries. Shortly thereafter, Mormon colonists from Utah explored the upper watershed of Little Colorado River, looking for irrigable land and pasture.

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After establishing homeste, Mormons families augmented the population of these same communities and established several others, including Nutrioso and Alpine. As with many historic ro, highway deations changed over time. A series of highway maps dating to the period indicate that the highway between Springerville and Holbrook was originally deated as US Ina highway map shows that the Springerville to Holbrook road was deated as US Inthe segment between Springerville and Alpine was added to the state highway system, and inthe road between Alpine and the New Mexico state line also was added.

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Inthe entire route of USfrom the state line to Holbrook, was renamed USand highway maps dating to and later retain this federal highway. Along its mile length, historic highway US traverses an amazingly diverse set of physical environments, each with its own rich history of human experience - some 13, years old. US A is a short but old road that connects the two small farming-ranching villages of Hunt and Concho to larger towns east and northwest.

Prior tohowever, it was an essential link in a multistate federal highway that connected St Johns to Holbrook and beyond, and it was ed US Inhighway workers constructed a straighter and shorter route between St Johns and Hunt and deated it as US ; the older and original route was reed US A. A highway map shows that US A was a well established Territorial-period β€” road.

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Concho was among these early Hispanic villages. Hunt was named after retired Colonel James C. Given its history as part of a federal highway, US A has been a well maintained road since at least It was among the first US highways in Arizona accepted into the state highway system in US A remained a gravel-covered road untilwhen it was finally paved with BST bituminous surface treatment. State Route 71 SR 71 is a mile long historic highway that serves as a short cut to the Prescott area for drivers entering Arizona from California.

It connects two small communities that were along major highways and railroad tracks in the early twentieth century.

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Highway workers paved portions of SR 71 for the first time inbut it was not completely paved until State Route 68 SR 68 was added to the Arizona state highway system in Portions of this road, which serves to link the Kingman area to Davis Dam and Bullhead City, were late Territorial-period wagon ro used by gold miners and early settlers. Other portions were newly constructed to reach the building site of the proposed Davis Dam along the Colorado River.

Although the Davis Dam Project was authorized in April of and contracts were awarded shortly thereafter, work was halted after priorities changed when the U. Work d in and the earth-filled dam structure with a concrete spillway was completed in SR 68 is the route used today to reach Lake Mohave - the reservoir impounded behind Davis Dam - and Laughlin, Nevada, where casinos attract regular visitors. State Route 69 SR 69 is the remaining segment of what was a major route between Phoenix and Prescott ca.

List of historic ro

When Interstate 17 I was completed in the early s, only the roadway between Mayer Junction northward to Dewey and westward to Prescott remained as SR Portions of SR 69 overlie Territorial-period trails and wagon ro dating from the discovery of gold near Prescott in and the establishment of U. During lds dating Phoenix Arizona AZ intervals when Prescott was capital of Arizona Territory β€” and again in β€”the necessity of passable ro for military campaigns and commerce encouraged the development of ro.

Economic activity in the area in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially ranching and the mining of gold, silver, and lead, sustained the need for good ro in this region. Well before the state incorporated SR 69 into its state highway system inYavapai County took responsibility for the care of this route, seeing to it that the road was graded and improved for proper drainage.

SR 69 was paved for the first time in the s. Despite various truncations, additions, and realignments, SR 69 remains the most direct route between Phoenix and Prescott via I US Route 66 was one of four east-west national ro along with US Route 60, US 70, and US 80 that passed through Arizona before the construction of the interstate highway system in the late s and early s.

SR 66 and numerous small sections of US Route 66 have been identified as official historic ro by the state of Arizona. It is a portion of a much longer 1,mile federal route that links central Arizona to the Canadian border and passes through Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. Within Arizona, U. The younger, southern segment begins about 6 miles north of Wickenburg and links to I some 20 miles east of Kingman.

The northern segment passes through arid Basin-and-Range terrain, while the southern segment runs through a vast array of Joshua trees and the ecological boundaries of the Mohave and Sonoran Deserts. The unusual scenery along 54 miles of U. Four separate segments totaling 43 miles have been officially deated either as scenic or historic Arizona ro, including the first road so recognized - the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road.

The pine-clad Black Hills; the quirky former mining ghost town of Jerome; the free-flowing Verde River and it ancient and modern bankside communities; the stunning Red Rock formations near Sedona; and the lush beauty of Oak Creek Canyon delight locals and visitors alike. As with many ro, SR 89A was built in stages. A route from Prescott to Flagstaff, via the middle Verde River valley, however, was planned as early as Ancients trail used by American Indians and historic trails and wagon ro used by nineteenth-century mountain men, military troops, miners, and settlers established the route.

The advent of motorized vehicles in the early twentieth century and the need for transportation corridors encouraged state officials to transform unimproved dirt ro into well engineered, safe, and efficient highways. Beginning in androad segments were graded and graveled for the first lds dating Phoenix Arizona AZ, and where possible, roadways widened to be single-lane undivided highways with rare stretches deed as double-lane ro. Thereafter, the most heavily used segments, such as those near Jerome, were subject to road surface treatments that included several kinds of asphalt emulsions mixed with gravel or Portland cement concrete.

During the Depression years, various highway projects along the length of SR 79 took place, which resulted in wider and more durable ro and bridges. The northern segment of the SR 79 closest to Flagstaff was paved for the first time in the mids. Arizona had four early US highways that facilitated movement from east to west Route 60, 66, 70, and 80but only one ed highway that completely traversed the state from south to north, US Today only portions of this early national road remain.

Highway 89 was developed incrementally. Highway segments were improved in southern Arizona primarily in the s, in central Arizona in the s, and northern Arizona in s. Improvements, however, varied from locale to locale. Existing two-track dirt trails and ro for animal-drawn wheeled vehicles, such as stagecoaches, buggies, and freight wagons, were graded and contoured for proper drainage.

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Later, these roadways were graveled and modified to suite local traffic and population needs. In some places, SR 89 was widened and its shoulders were modified for utility lines.

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Elsewhere, guardrails were constructed or bridges were replaced to accommodate increased lo.