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McAllen has fine shopping, nightlife, museums, outdoor recreation areas, a science center, as well as many locales where birdwatchers can find endemic and migratory species. The city focuses on promoting the work of local artists; art walks and galleries abound in the downtown historical district of McAllen. CDC information for travelers.

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We discovered a total of 42 date ideas in or near McAllen, Texas, including 31 fun or romantic activities in nearby cities within 25 miles like MissionWeslacoPharr and Edinburg. At this 40, sq. A historic movie theater that shows primarily independent films, many of which are made by local and regional filmmakers, Cine El Rey also hosts a wide variety of live entertainment, including music, comedy, and drama. At 17th Street Entertainment District, visitors can explore a variety of lounges, pubs, and restaurants.

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Determine the basic legal structure of the business and properly record the business name. There are several legal structures available for businesses operating in Texas. Each structure is listed below with a brief description of the entity. A sole proprietorship exists when a single individual operates a business and owns all assets.

A sole proprietor is personally liable for all debts, and business ownership is nontransferable. Under a sole proprietorship, the life of the business is limited to the life of the individual proprietor. The sole proprietorship makes no legal distinction between personal and business debts, and it does not require a separate income tax return.

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A sole proprietorship is often operated under the name of the owner. Whenever operating a business under a name other than the sole proprietor, an Assumed Name Certificate must be filed with the county clerk. Assumed Name Certificates are discussed later in this section. A general partnership exists when two or more individuals or businesses to operate a business.

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General partners share equally in assets and liabilities. A general partnership may be operated under the names of the owners, or a different name. In either case, an Assumed Name Certificate must be filed with the county clerk. A limited partnership is a partnership formed by two or more persons or entities, under the laws of Texas, and having one or more general partners and one or more limited partners.

General partners share equally in debts and assets, while limited partners have limited debt obligations. A limited partnership must be registered with the Secretary of State.

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See next section for details on the business name. A registered limited liability partnership is a general partnership that has been registered with the Secretary of State. In a registered limited liability partnership, a partner is not individually liable, under some circumstances, for debts and obligations of the partnership arising from errors, omissions, negligence, incompetence, or malfeasance committed in the course of business by others in the partnership.

A corporation Subchapter C or S is created when two or more individuals, partnerships, or other entities together to form a separate entity for the purpose of operating a business in the state. A corporation has its own legal identity, separate from its owners.

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Taxation of the corporation varies depending on the type of corporation formed. A corporation must be registered with the Secretary of State. Corporation is taxed at a higher rate than an individual. Corporations may deduct business losses on personal income tax returns, similar to a partnership. The Subchapter S Corporation also offers alternative methods for distributing the business income to the owners.

A limited liability company is an unincorporated business entity which shares some of the aspects of Subchapter S Corporations and limited partnerships, and yet has more flexibility than more traditional business entities. The limited liability company is deed to provide its owners with limited liability and pass-through tax advantages without the restrictions imposed on Subchapter S Corporations and limited partnerships.

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A limited liability company must be registered with the Secretary of State. All businesses operating in Texas as limited partnerships, registered limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, professional corporations, non-profit corporations, and professional associations must register with the Secretary of State. If a corporation will transact business under names other than that stated in the articles of incorporation, the corporation must file an Assumed Name Certificate with the Secretary of State, and with the county clerk in which the principal office and registered office of the corporation are located.

Secretary of State Corporations Section P. Box Austin, Texas www.

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Be prepared to provide the business name, mailing address, city, state, zip, expected period of operation, business type, and owner information. Period of operation is the period of time the business will use the name. Ten years is the maximum length of time an assumed name filing is valid.

However, if the name will be used for a period of less than ten years, indicate this on the form.

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Note that names must also be renewed every ten years. Business type refers to the legal structure of the business. Indicate whether the business will operate as a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc. Owner information is the name s of the owner spersonal address esand ature s.

12 best things to do in mcallen, texas

The form cannot be filed until all owners have ed it and all atures have been notarized. The following information will be helpful in filing the Assumed Name Certificate in the county the business will operate. First, write down the name of the business you will be considering.

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Pay close attention to capitalization, spacing, punctuation, etc. Consider this carefully as this name will identify the business to the public. Next, search the county records for that exact business name in the assumed name books or computer. An assumed name filing is valid for ten years, so search records for the last ten years to verify that the name is available. One book will not necessarily encompass one year of filings, so check the front of the book for dates.

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Some records are computerized; however, a computerized index may not contain ten years of filing history. Use the computer for the period it covers, and then use the books for any of the remaining ten years. If the business name has been used, look in the margin to see if it has been abandoned. If the name has been abandoned, it can legally be used again.

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Many county clerk offices will provide a name search service for a nominal fee. The whole search process will often be taken care of through the mail. Please contact the local county clerk for verification of their process. Finally, if the company name is available, fill out the assumed name form and have it notarized. The county clerk will keep the original Assumed Name Certificate, so be sure to request several certified copies at least one for the bank and one for your business records.

Most county clerk offices accept cash, certified checks, or money orders. If processing via mail, send the forms by certified mail with a return receipt requested to verify receipt by the county clerk. Closner Edinburg, Texas www.

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Determine the site of the new business. It will be necessary to visit the McAllen Zoning Enforcement Department in order to insure the business location is in the proper zone and meets city requirements. If the business will be conducted from the home, this department must also be contacted to obtain a home occupation permit. Not all businesses are allowed to be operated from the home, this department will determine whether it can or cannot. Box McAllen, Texas www. If a new building will be constructed, or an existing building remodeled in any manner, it will be essential to visit the McAllen Building Permits and Inspections Department in order to obtain the necessary permits and properly insure that city requirements are met.

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All new business owners should visit the McAllen Fire Department to verify that their building complies with fire and safety standards. McAllen Fire Department S. Other permits and s may be needed for operation, depending on the business type. Texas Department of Economic Development P. All new restaurants and businesses handling food products should visit the McAllen Health Department for necessary inspections and food establishment permits.

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission N. D McAllen, Texas www. Texas Department of Public Safety N. Bicentennial McAllen, Texas www. Customs for licensing and requirements.

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Customs Pharr International Bridge S. Cage Pharr, Texas www. Texas Comptroller of Public s N. McColl, Ste. A McAllen, Texas www. Texas Workforce Commission. Tax Department P. Box Weslaco, Texas