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Are you looking for books set in North Carolina to inspire your southern travels? Find mysteries, historical fiction, and YA books about North Carolina with this reading list. Do you see where I am going with this? In honor of celebrating that this boozy and bookish blogger moved to Asheville, NCbe sure to check out this eclectic reading list filled with books about North Carolina from bookstagrammers, book and travel bloggers, librarians, and authors. What are the best books about North Carolina to take you there via your armchair? Afterward, Read Across America Here. Try Audible Plus. Find books via Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans.

Or, can they? Told via the perspective of an omniscient neighbor hoodracism, corruption, and vile men with too much power own this heartbreaking narrative. From the start, readers are aware of the imminent tragedy creeping up on the Black Alston-Holt family.

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The story carries you there until the crushing end. A Good Neighborhood would make a fantastic book club selection. our Uncorked Reading Challenge today with monthly reading themes. Never be late to the party again with unique new book releases.

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Up Now. Submission by bookstagrammerJennia. Chambliss is a man who has more in common with the snakes he regularly handles in his church services than he does with any of his parishioners. Preaching in a small town nestled deep in North Carolina, Chambliss uses his authority and sway over the community to bend and shift the goings on to his advantage. Early on, the story percolates with a looming dread, culminating in a denouement worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. Cash writes with unflinching honesty, creating something both beautiful and tragic. In an attempt to start over from a haunting past filled with suspicious and unwanted fame, Olivia moves to North Carolina.

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Her mother is also recently deceased from a drug overdose, and Olivia is dreading the year anniversary of her famous sewer drain rescue. When Olivia trips over a body in her yard during a sleepwalking episode, her precarious glass bubble smashes to pieces.

Is someone trying to hurt her? Submission by indie author, Jennifer Ann Shore.

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Our protagonist is a lonely and semi-bored Josey. Which Nicholas Sparks book should you pick? Sparks will leave you in tears, and his stories all have the same type of romance, death, and destruction-to-your heart vibe.

Will love prevail? Can Noah win Allie back?

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The ending is heartbreaking; have the Kleenex ready. His novels also lack people of color. A psychological thriller set in small-town North Carolina, meet Rachel Krall, a true-crime podcaster. Recruited into a new trial, a young woman seeks out Rachel to uncover the truth behind another mysterious disappearance and murder. Rachel lands caught up in the deadly drama. Can she survive long enough to solve the case? Witches and Werewolves and Retirement, Oh My!

Spell Booked is the first in a supernatural cozy mystery series about three witches nearing retirement in Wilmington, North Carolina. Olivia, Elsie, and Molly find that both their memories and spell powers are declining.

They decide that it would be best to move to Boca Raton, Florida where, apparently, witches go to retire.

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Who knew? But before they can hit the beach, they need to find three replacement witches. Their plan is barely in action before Olivia is murdered and their spell book is stolen.

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Now they have to find new recruits AND solve a murder. What to do? Go to the library, of course! They recruit a new librarian and with the help of various characters, finally figure it all out. If I ever visit Wilmington, I will definitely stop in.


A battle of the rich versus the poor entraps Kerry. Submission from North Carolina author, Kim Beall. Woodley, USA is a quirky, small Southern town you will not find on any map. Author Callaghan McCarthy stumbled into it in the middle of the night in search of inspiration for a sequel to her once-famous ghost story. Callaghan got more inspiration than she bargained for. Now, the ghosts and other spirits of Woodley are some of her best friends. Hayley is a well-traveled book blogger for Backpacking Bookworm. North Carolina, year-old Ivy lives on Mr. She dreams of running away with her boyfriend Henry Alan, Mr.

Although they are intimate, she is smart enough not to get pregnant, unlike her sister. In a The Connors like narrative, readers learn about hope, second chances, and the difference between having money vs welfare and trudging through the city dump. Hard work and brains can only get you so far when you need money for college.

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This North Carolina book is set in the small town of Edenton, where two parallel stories unfold, eight decades apart. She tries to ingratiate herself to the disgruntled community, and completes the mural… but it is never installed. She disappears shortly thereafter, under mysterious circumstances. InMorgan Christopher has made a series of bad decisions that have landed her in prison. The battered old mural has many secrets and surprises just waiting to be uncovered. Ron Rash — a South Carolina native — is famous for his stories about Appalachian life set in the Carolinas. Serena follows George and Serena Pemberton, newlyweds, looking to start a timber business in the late s.

Serena is a strong and powerful woman, but she cannot bear children. Submission from Rachael of Booklist Queen. If you are looking for the best books set in North Carolina, look no further than the top of the New York Times bestselling list.

For years, Kya Clark has survived alone in the marshes of the North Carolina coast.

Now, as she comes of age, Kya begins to yearn for something more than her lonely existence — maybe even a connection with one of the local boys. But when one of the local men ends up dead, Kya is the lead suspect. Can Kya ever find acceptance with the local town, or will she always be forced to live in the fringes of society?

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Infamous F. Zelda was said to have suffered from bipolar disorder and resided at Highlands Hospital for her mental health. For that time period, Highlands offered nontraditional and progressive healthcare practices to ensure the wellbeing of its clients. Inspired by the events of the Highlands Hospital fire inwhich killed nine women including Zelda, follow the historical fiction story of one woman who befriends Zelda.

Submission by Tori of Tori-Leigh. Claire, a British nurse, time travels to 18th century Scotland where she falls in love with a handsome warrior, Jamie. Set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Scottish Highlands, Outlander begins as a series full of history, fantasy, romance, and adventure. How could this series not have a bit of a cult following? The first three books follow Jamie and Claire through Scotland and other parts of Europe, while the fourth, fifth, and sixth novels focus on their life in the American colonies. Claire and Jamie build their home in the North Carolina foothills.

Amidst the onset of the American Revolution, Jamie forms a militia to stop the citizens who took up arms against corrupt colonial officials. Historians consider the rebellion as a catalyst for the American Revolution. Jamie is torn between his loyalty to the British crown and his hopes for a free world while trying to live peacefully in North Carolina.

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