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Dating Tuscaloosa an introvert chica hunting for men to love

When Bryan Baecker first laid eyes on Randi Johns in Sacramento, California, two years ago, it was love at first sight. So, they split up.

Dating Tuscaloosa An Introvert

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Color of my eyes: Soft gray-green eyes
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My Sign of the zodiac: Aries
Body features: My figure features is slim

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Whenever the topic of introverts and extroverts come up, a word is put in between them that is actually misleading. When we think of these topics, we pit the concepts against each other, categorizing individuals as being one or the other. If the two concepts are so dissimilar, then why do so many people feel this way? Introverts, on the other hand, favor the internal. They prefer to be alone and need to process their thoughts and feelings in a solitary fashion.

These are clearly two separate extremes, but people like straddle the fence, so to speak, when they are asked to pick a side. But how can you be the both of two extremes at the same time? Our behaviors fluctuate continuously, and some people go back and forth between introversion and extraversion many times in their life. This makes it difficult, then, for them to categorize themselves. Additionally, we misunderstand how the two concepts actually relate to each other for each person.

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We automatically assume that the concepts lie on a continuum, so being high in extraversion must mean that we are lower in introversion. Since behaviors fluctuate all of the time, this also means that we can go up and down the continuum many times in our lives, depending on life situations and certain environments we come in contact with. An ambivert lies in the middle of the introversion-extraversion spectrum. They find just as much satisfaction from external activities as they do from internal ones. At this point, you may be wondering why so many people find it important to categorize themselves as introverted, extroverted or ambiverted.

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In relationships of all types, we are bound to approach people who are very different from us. Though you may have a thorough understanding of your own temperament and social preferences, it can be difficult to empathize or even compromise with someone who is different.

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For example: if you are an extrovert, you may love the idea of a surprise party. But the person you are dating may not think so.

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To them, the idea of a surprise party may absolutely terrify them. Simply put, understanding introversion, extraversion and how they relate helps us understand people. Even better, it also helps us understand ourselves and what truly makes us happy. Jon Loved the blog post. Myers-Briggs explains it all as well as a few notable books like Please understand Me. You definitely hit the nail on the head. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tagged with: extrovert psychology. The Psychology of Introversion, Extraversion and everything in between.

What does it mean to be extroverted or introverted?

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For the most part, introverts are likely to be avid readers. Explore the latest mental wellness tips and discussions, delivered straight to your inbox. Curtiss Robinson on February 7, at pm.

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What does it mean to be extroverted or introverted?

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