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The information contained herein is written by the organizations with minor editing.

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The views expressed are not necessarily those of the editors or publishers. Agenda Publications P. The largest section of the paper, the "Community Resource Directory" CRDprovides local community action organizations the opportunity to give basic nformation on their background and current work.

The "Calendar" emphasizes meeiings and community eventsand "Readers Write" is a forum in which individuals or groups can write in depth about a concern issue or topic.

AGENDA'S news and feature articles provide coverage of events that do not find their way into the local media on a regular basis. We welcome students, activists, and community residents to help us with this enormous effort and are especially in need of: advertising representatives commission paidtypists, distributors to take half-hour to one-hour routes every month, writers, proofreaders, photographers, business experts, and fundraisers.

If you are a student, you can receive credit through an independent study or a field work asment. Current News We want to thank all of the people who have supported AGENDA throughout the year by volunteering time, buying subscriptions, and making donations. When we started the paper last March, we had no idea what a challenge was ahead of us.

Without volunteer help and community support we would have been out of commission before we had a chance to establish ourselves. This past month Jim Burchell and Jim Kirk took on the enormous effort of running a subscription drive.

We appreciate the work they did and want to thank those people who took the time to make phone calis and get out the mailings with them. We are also grateful to Dave DeVarti for giving us free use of his phones. We are still n dire need of help. Every month we need typing, artwork, editing, writing, ad sales, distribution and more. Groups can help us by handing their listings in on diskette if they have access to Macintosh computers and by helping us defray costs with donations determined by the character count which can be found in parentheses at the end of their listing 12 cent per character.

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Furthermore, we need improved Communications with our organization contacts. Ideally, a group contact would have a responsibility to make a report to their group each month on their listing, and on any Communications they've had with our staff.

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In turn the contact would make sure that our staff is informed of events the group wants covered and to keep us up to date on decisons the group makes in regard to our Communications. We sent a very detailed copy of our guidelines and standardizations to all contacts n late September and hope you continue to keep them on hand and utilizethem. Computer formatting We encourage the use of diskettes and will take them any day over hard copy. We like Microsoft Word and highly recommend its use as a word processing program. We convert MacWrite documents into MSWord before feeding them into our layout program, so you could save us a step by using t.

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If you only feel comfortable with MacWrite and will use that program or nothing at all, by all means use MacWrite! Please do not select anything in Formats. We like to have flexibilty in our line spacing. Please set tabs and use the tab key when indenting as opposed to using the space bar. Also remember that the type wraps around, so you need not use the return key unless you are starting a new paragraph. To center a title, select that title and under Paragraph select Centered as opposed to using the space bar.

If you really want to get fancy, study your month's listing and try to copy the style you see in the paper. For instance, you may notice that headings are 10 point bold and text is 9 point plain, that there is 4 point leading between paragraphs and that dates are bold with a cobnand events are plain.

Deadlines for February Issue Jan. Deadline for photos and graphics. Deadline for Calendar listings. If hand delivered, bring to 1 Jefferson Court. It s deed to promote the development, production, and presentaron of politically-committed, experimental, and original work in all the performance arts.

The Performance Nerwork is available to other organizations or idividuals for rent at a nominal fee as a performance, workshop, or shop space. We provide resources to the community in the form of space and equipment, outreach, and educational programs and promote creative work in various media. We exist to provide an arena for artists to do work they love and to present the arts as a means of developing progressive and humanistic values and promoting social change. Ultimately, we hope - as our name implies - to function as a liason for artists, political organizatiolns, and thecommunity.

Recent News In early Nov. Additionally, David Hunsburger, one of The Performance Network's resident directors, received a merit award for excellence in an artistic discipline for his body of work as a director including annual productions of Samuel Beckett's plays as well as American Buffalo and True West. January is a busy month at The Network with a of theater performances scheduled and a special weekend of films by award-winning experimental filmmaker Richard Myers Jan. Toxics Curriculum Now Available: The Ecology Center is working to get activ'rties about the safe use and disposal of household toxics and alternatives included in K school education.

Thanks to a grant from the Dating a Ann Arbor MI lankan man. You Bet! The curriculum comes in a binder and includes background information, a directory of Michigan resources and a bibliography. All houses in Ann Arbor receive curbside pickup of recyclable newspapers, glass, and cans. Cali to find out your recycling day. You can also brings materials by our drop-off station at S. The drop-off station is open every Friday and Saturday. If your income is low enough, these visits, which provide education about weatherization and free weatherization materials, are free.

If you do not qualify under the income guidelines, you can get a Home Energy Visit on a fee basis. Cali for more information about them. The Archive receives articles from a variety of sources.

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The principal source is the national Meeman Awards sponsored by the Scripps-Howard Foundation, which honors outstanding coverage of environmental topics. Articles are selected from other sources as well. Community Services: As a nonprofit information service, the Archive responds to information inquines from al! To find out if the information you need may be found within the Archive, phone, write, or visit. The data base allows us to search for articles, abstracts, or copies of the articles in our files.

The only charge for the service is for postage and reproduction costs. This year's topic s Solid Waste Management; students from grade to high school will be developing projects that will address possible solutions and alternatives to problems that continue to grow in magnitude.

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The Archive has developed a package that students may obtain by contacting us. New series added this month include: 1 A detailed of "natural" disasters that actually are ificantly influenced by acts of Man. Clair River. Cali for time and place. Our group ncludes U-M students, staff, and faculty, and people from the larger community. We have a President, Vice-president, Secretan and Treasurer.

At present we have approximateiy 50 members. We're a registered nonprofit organizaron. Community Services Hotline: Crisis intervention, peer counseling, referral. Education: Workshops and conferences on lesbian and gay male concerns, with an emphasis on how people in the helping professbns and teaching professions can work positively with lesbian and gay male clients, patients, students.

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Speakers Bureau: Cali for nformation. Human and Civil Rights: Information and referral to help people who are being discriminated against because of their actual or pd sexual orientation or their pd "cross-gender" characterstics; lobbying for human and civil rights.

Community Organization: Information and help on organizing groups, setting goals and objectives, addressing conflict, linking to other groups and resources. Current News "Coming Out" groups for lesbians and for gay men will be organizing early inas will general support groups for gay men. The groups help their members address concerns about identity and selfesteem; how to link up with other members of the lesbian-gay male community; and how to address concerns about sharing one's sexual orientation with non-gay persons such as family members, roommates, or peers at work.

The general support groups for gay men are organized to provide a place where gay men may share their concerns and receive support from other group members. Men's support groups are open-ended, with no fixed time frame. A gay men's support group will have an organizational meeting on the evening on Wednesday, January Please cali 86 or Membership in these groups is entirely confidential.

The groups provide a safe place for serf-exploration and sharing. The future of all lesbians and gay men in this country depends, n large part, on the efforts of those who are willing to affirm their identity. We would welcome hearing from all those interested in ing these groups. To all, we wish a year of happiness and liberatbn. Our service area encompasses the greater Huron Valley area.

Membership and Meetings: Any individual is welcome to work with the organization as a volunteer andor board member. Current membership includes men and women from all walks of life: heahh care professionals, educators, therapists, membersrepresentatives of high risk groups, and individuals from the general public. General meetings are held the second Sunday of every month and are open to all.

The next meeting is January 1 1to pm at St. Current News: Ad writers are often quicker to assimilate the news than the journalists who produce 1 Thus it's no surprise that the ad agency hired by CarterWallace, Inc. The way the message is being put across is, unfortunately, repulsive.

The current Trojans as proclaims in point type, "Men could use some protection from women," adding in smaller type: " And vice versa. The ad is targeted at men, though nearly as many women as men buy rubbers in this country. Replete with sexism, the ad is at least free of anti-gay bias, which in connection with AIDS is more objectionable because it is so dangerously misleading.