Rob Rizzo SJ

Rob Rizzo SJ Jesuit regent in formation
Rob was born in Malta, he loves a good adventure and the outdoors. He listens to EDM and electro house music, which he often persecutes his fellow companions with. You will almost always find him commuting on a bicycle (which, with the traffic in Malta, is considered an extreme sport). He came to know the Jesuits through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and was fascinated by the lives of St. Ignatius and Matteo Ricci SJ. He is currently helping out at the Chaplaincy at St. Aloysius 6th Form, where he is developing his skills at tea and coffee brewing, while making sure to keep the students on their toes with his jokes. He is also the guy whose fault it is when stuff goes wrong here or on our social media. He is very sorry for it, but don’t worry, we make sure he knows about it.

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