Manuel Manuzzi SJ

Manuel was born in Cesena, Italy, although many people mistake him for a German… That’s why he’s been nicknamed “Deutsche” by his friends. His interest in science and understanding how things work led him to study engineering. But in that period he realised that not everything could be understood in numbers. The experience of the Spiritual Exercises in ordinary life helped him to consider, beyond the rationalisation of thoughts, the chaos of his feelings. He started to experiment with the art of discernment that, eventually, brought him to join the Society of Jesus. Since then, he had to stop eating the piadina romagnola, feeding himself first with focaccia genovese and then with Roman spaghetti alla carbonara. Since moving to Malta his diet is based on pastizzi. He is helping out at the University Chaplaincy, where he is committed to bring a touch of Italian cuisine. He hasn’t yet learnt how to swim, but he enjoys jogging in Sliema promenade and play basketball.

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