Daniele Volpetti SJ

Daniele was born in Tivoli, close to Rome, to a family originally from Amatrice. Since childhood he was called to live the tension between body and soul, measuring himself sometimes by the aromas of the dishes served in his grandparents restaurant, other times by the peace offered by the wonderful Apennine panorama. Moved by an internal question, not yet knowing how to distinguish between restlessness and  lethargy, he began studying Law, following the principle of ‘keep things in order, and the order of things will save you’, but obviously unsatisfied, he ends up entering the seminary where, rather than through his philosophy and theology studies, but through the missionary experiences abroad, he discovers the principle of seeking and finding God in all things. His entrance into the Society didn’t end his wanderings, but rather gave them a new push. He is currently in regency at the Centro Astalli of the Jesuit Refugee Services, where he works, serving Refugees and Asylum seekers.

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