Cesare Sposetti SJ

Born in Vicenza, with family roots coming from Lazio, Lombardy and Veneto. A lover of mountains and northern climates, after studying philosophy in Rome, was sent by his superiors first to Palermo for his two years of ‘regency’ (where at the Gonzaga Institute, he taught religious knowledge e geopolitics: a perfect match), and then to Manila, where he now happily studies theology, and is discovering the richness and beauty of the Philippine people. Studied as a jurist, a passionate ‘philosopher’, with a weakness for politics and romantic music (the 1800’s kind). Attracted by the figure of St. Ignatius the pilgrim and spiritual guide, he joined the Jesuits in 2010, happy, even through many shortfalls, to search unceasingly and communicate to the world the Face of God made man for Love.

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